New Construction

New designs and materials help us achieve new levels of durability and efficency.

design build

Our team can turn your idea into a reality.  We can also partner with your design professional to complete your project.


Historic Buildings

Rebuilding a home or barn conserves history and character that cannot be recreated by starting anew.



Restoration reclaims a building's original charm, character and aesthetic. We can return your home or barn to its original condition even if maintenance is long over due.  Antique timber frame buildings were built to last.  The tight growth rings, even grain and lack of knots are characteristics that have helped these buildings endure the test of time.  The expertise and care of the master carpenter that oversaw the original construction of these frames is forefront in their survivability and is worth conserving.



Starting with an antique building and constructing a new space within it yields superior functionality while retaining important original elements.  Barns, existing and salvaged, serve as an excellent starting point to create a building converted into a home, addition, in-law apartment, studio, workplace or retreat.  An antique frame has a narrative that lives within it, and we love helping to keep the story going.