Our work

At HarperELM we are builders.  We build new custom homes.  We also restore, renovate and convert barns and other antique timber frame structures.  We can remodel your colonial or farmhouse so it has contemporary use of space in mind.  From structural repair to new insulation and windows we approach modernization of old buildings with respect for the original and the experience to do the job right.  Damaged buildings get new life.  Forgotten or underutilized space becomes integrated into the daily use of your property.  Even projects smaller such little barns, garages and outbuildings can yield surprisingly big results. We rebuild so you can and add to the value and utility of your homes.  In building or remodeling we are versed in both traditional and modern techniques to deliver effective and seamless integration.


Our Mission

As builders we strive to provide you with the best experience in a construction project.  It starts with experienced guidance in preparing to build and continues with superior communication, craftsmanship and professionalism.  We have an excellent team of managers and builders ready to exceed your expectations.  We have a reverence for old buildings and delight in preserving and updating them.  A well designed and properly executed addition to an old building can be as invigorating as a restoration.  We approach our new construction projects with the same enthusiasm and build with quality and efficiency.


Our Philosophy

HarperELM is defined by our craftsmanship and professionalism, whether the scope of work focuses on old or new construction.  The structures on which we focus were built by hand and meant to last.  It is with this same attitude that we conduct our business.  We hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards and are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients.  The age of the village carpenter has passed, but it is not forgotten.  Harper Elm is here to step into that role, whether it's raising a new frame, repairing an old one, or simply rehabilitating a structure to meet the needs of its occupant.  The Shakers perceived beauty as something that originates from the object's usefulness.  In this era of agricultural consolidation, the need for barns has passed for many property owners.  Our purpose is to work with clients to tailor a vision for turning these burdens into something beautiful and useable again, and making sure that vision becomes reality.  A home should be just that, a refuge, a place of comfort and reflection.  A home is where we spend the majority of our lives, and HarperELM is there to craft that space into a place worthy of being called, "home."

This era has nearly gone now - we are are at the end of our “age of barns.”
— Eric Sloane, An Age of Barns

What we do

  • Custom home building
  • Historic home renovation
  • Historic home restoration
  • Barn restoration
  • Barn conversion
  • Timber frame additions
  • New timber frames
  • Antique frame sourcing and raising
  • Home and barn foundation repair
  • Architectural carpentry
  • Built in furniture and cabinetry
  • Roofing
  • Decks
  • Timber frame bridges
  • Siding, doors and windows
  • Slate and copper